Diversity Is Necessary, But Not Enough.

Many leaders* are recognizing the significant hard and soft business return on investment (ROI) of employing a diverse workforce, understanding that the best talent comes in a lot of demographics and thus your only way to get the best people available to you is to be open to recruiting lots of different kinds of people. To compete and have the strongest workforce in your industry, … Continue reading Diversity Is Necessary, But Not Enough.

Learning Sprints

I wrote this almost a year ago, in May 2017. I’ve continued similar efforts — ways to develop structures and routines that foster creative work (yes, structure can INCREASE creativity sometimes! More on this later.) — and will be posting about them soon. But first: Learning Sprints. “You and I have different ideas of ‘vacation.’” This is the response I’ve gotten from a number of … Continue reading Learning Sprints

“Idea Midwifery”

Work, Play, and Work That’s Play Back in college, a friend named Yotam coined the term “Idea Midwife” to describe me. It’s perhaps the best title anybody has ever given me. Back then, Yotam and I were spending entire nights at an all-night diner working on our math assignments, but also indulging many long unbridled discussions of the ideas we were exploring at the University … Continue reading “Idea Midwifery”